Attend Angola’s ICT Forum (ANGOTIC 2023)


From 12–14 June 2023, the Angolan Government, through the Ministry of Telecommunications, Information Technologies, and Social Media (MINTTICS), will organise the Angolan ICT and Space Conference (ANGOTIC) at the Talatona Convention Center in Luanda, Angola. This conference aims to facilitate discussions on current and future ICT (Information and Communication Technology) matters at a global level. In addition, it seeks to promote knowledge exchange and encourage networking opportunities for government entities, exhibitors, and specialists in the field. ANGOTIC also intends to showcase innovative technologies and emerging trends within the sector.

The event focuses on fostering dialogue surrounding ICT and space technologies, emphasising the importance of these advancements in the present and future. With world-class speakers from the space industry, the conference will address important topics such as the African space strategy, emerging trends and business models within the space industry, applications of earth observation, and the development of space policies, laws, and regulations.

Over two days, ANGOTIC will provide a platform for professionals to engage in insightful discussions, exchange ideas, and contribute to advancing ICT and space technology in Angola and globally.

Furthermore, the forum will feature various sessions to provide participants with a comprehensive and engaging experience. The forum will include the following:

  1. Plenary Sessions: These sessions will focus on high-level discussions with a political and global perspective. Prominent political officials and leaders of organisations with a global reach will be invited to speak on specific topics. The plenary sessions will provide a platform for these influential figures to address critical issues and share their insights with the attendees.
  2. Parallel Sessions: These sessions involve more technical and specialised debates and lectures. They will co-occur with multiple sessions running concurrently. Each parallel session will focus on a specific theme or topic, and expert professionals in those fields will be invited to share their knowledge and perspectives. This format allows attendees to choose the sessions that align with their interests and areas of expertise.
  3. Round Table Discussions: The conference will host round table discussions where presidents, heads of state, ministers, regulatory bodies, and CEOs will participate. These sessions will allow these influential individuals to share their experiences, success stories, and case studies from their respective countries or organisations. In addition, the discussions will highlight best practices worldwide and offer valuable insights into different perspectives and approaches.
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