Connected Conservation Foundation is offering Grant Opportunities.


The Connected Conservation Foundation supports conservation projects where high-resolution satellite imagery can provide solutions to help protect and restore wildlife populations and their habitats.

Connected Conservation Foundation and The Airbus Foundation are inviting individuals and not-for-profit organisations to apply to a new grant programme. 

Winners will receive access to the most advanced optical satellite imagery at 30cm spatial resolution from Airbus Pléiades Neo and 50cm from Pléiades, alongside USD 5,000 of financial funding.  

What can this enable? 

Access to Earth Observation imagery is growing, alongside increasing coverage, image resolution and frequency of acquisition. Supporting organisations are keen to explore the species and situations where these exciting technologies can accelerate conservation efforts.

Proposed solutions could include: wildlife monitoring of colonies and groups of species in hard-to-reach areas, mapping wildlife habitats, supporting protected areas for sustainable management of resources, understanding migration routes and changing human settlements to help improve human and wildlife coexistence.

Do you have the right project? 

Are you and/or your team exploring remote sensing in biodiversity monitoring? Are you researching new ways to harness the potential of a new generation of satellites to preserve some of our most majestic species? If the answer is yes, then we want to hear from you. 

What will winning participants receive? 
  • A tasking budget to use Pléiades Neo 30cm (up to 1,000km2) and Pléiades 50cm Data (up to 2,000km2). These Km2 ranges are guidelines, and proposals over this will still be considered;
  • A maximum of USD 5,000;
  • Access to Airbus’ Image Archive Library on request  ;
  • Support, resources and guidance from Connected Conservation Foundation & Airbus Foundation and ;
  • Esri software, along with a pipeline of AI models, extends the creation, analysis, and sharing of spatial data.
How to apply? 

Our Satellites for Biodiversity Award is now open. To get started, complete the application here by Friday 3rd of February 2023.

Participants may be asked to provide further details regarding their submissions via phone or email. 

Eligibility criteria 

 Broad participation and applications are encouraged  from global not-for-profit organisations or individuals who: 

  • Have a local partner available to help validate field-based insight and data;
  • Have experience using GeoSpatial data and Esri software (or similar) either themselves or within the organisation’s partnerships;
  • Have adequate resources and expertise to conduct research and development activities and ;
  • Are willing to make data available in line with the procedures and principles (see Terms and Conditions). 

For more information on the terms and conditions. Click on this link here.


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