Earn R565 000 Per Annum As A Marion Island Electronics Engineer For SANSA


The South African National Space Agency (SANSA) has a mandate, as outlined in the South African National Space Agency Act, 2008 (Act No 36 of 2008), to co-ordinate and integrate national space science and technology programmes and conduct long-term planning and implementation of space-related activities in South Africa, for the benefit of the citizens of South Africa.

SANSA has this opportunity in the Space Science Directorate situated in Hermanus, Western Cape to be filled by an individual with the relevant skills, drive, competencies, and qualifications. The candidate will work as an Electronics Engineer at Marion Island with a salary of R565 000 Per annum.


The ideal candidate should have:

  • At least a B Eng (Electronics Engineering) or equivalent
  • The ability to work and live with small groups of people is essential.
  • Competency in electronic maintenance, diagnostics, and repairs with proven fault-finding capabilities; experience working with computers, especially with LINUX operating systems; experience in programming, especially in BASH and Python, would be an advantage

Applicants will be expected to:

  • Design and build new equipment
  • Maintain and upgrade instrumentation.
  • Install, commission, maintain, calibrate and modify electronic instruments and systems for the collection, reduction, and analysis of data.
  • Execute experiments related to Space Weather studies
  • Give core engineering support.
  • Candidates must be physically fit, have sober habits, be mentally strong and prepared for physically challenging and satisfying work.

Successful applicants will spend three months in Hermanus from 2 January 2020 – March 2020 for training, and then depart for Marion Island.

Appointment to these positions is subject to a rigorous medical examination, which will be arranged for at no cost to the applicants. No person may be declared fit if they have any history of stable angina, recent myocardial infarcts, insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus, known psychiatric ailments or are on tuberculosis treatment.

Successful applicants will spend a full year (April 2020 to May 2021) at Marion Island.

Food, accommodation and protective clothing are provided by the South African Department of Environment, Forestry, and Fisheries (Southern Oceans and Antarctic Support) while the applicant is at Marion Island

Background verification, including criminal records, credit checks, security clearances, qualification, and citizenship checks, as well as competency assessment and psychometric testing, may form part of the selection process. SANSA subscribes to the principles of Employment Equity. Preference will be given to candidates in accordance with this.

Should you meet the above requirements, please apply here 

Application Deadline: November 13th, 2019.

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