GMES and Africa Project: Call for Tenders


As part of the Global Monitoring for Environment and Security and Africa (GMES and Africa) Project, the Sahara and Sahel Observatory is launching a call for tenders to recruit an African start-up to develop a mobile application for irrigation scheduling. The overall objective of this project is to support decision-making in the sustainable management of water and natural resources through products and services based on Earth Observation (EO) data and techniques.

The second phase of the Earth Observation for Sustainable Land and Water Management in North Africa project aims to address and solve global challenges in North Africa, contributing to a more sustainable management of water and natural resources and tackling climate change based on space science and technology applications.

Evaluation Criteria

The evaluation process involves a two-stage procedure. Initially, the technical offers are assessed, and only after this evaluation is completed are the financial bids opened and compared. The financial proposals will be examined exclusively for offerors who have achieved a minimum technical score of 70 points out of a maximum of 100 points in the technical evaluation. The winning offer will be awarded to the bidder with the highest score. 

Additional Note

This tender invitation is aimed at African startups.


Interested start-ups are expected to submit their tenders here with the subject line, “GMES and Africa – Call for Tenders for the development of GMES-Mobile app for irrigation [CT/OSS/GMES-Mobile-irrigation/201023-20] by 19 November 2023.”

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