IAU Office for Astronomy Outreach is Recruiting National Outreach Coordinators

Source: IAU Office for Astronomy Outreach

The IAU Office for Astronomy Outreach (OAO) is a central coordination point for activities taking place around the world. To support projects at a national level, OAO is creating a network of IAU National Outreach Coordinators (NOC): volunteers with extensive experience in public outreach, acting as a single point of contact for a country.

The official list of National Outreach Coordinators (NOCs) is here.

 IAU National Outreach Coordinators (NOCs) Nomination Guidelines

The primary roles of the National Outreach Coordinators (NOCs) are to (1) implement the IAU outreach initiatives at the national level, (2) disseminate information nationally, and (3) bridge the IAU with local/national communities. 

The National Outreach Coordinator

  • is the principal outreach national representative appointed under the IAU outreach structure; 
  • keeps the OAO informed of national outreach initiatives connected with IAU;
  • implements or coordinates a set of annual goals provided by the IAU OAO and develops plans for the outreach actions associated with the IAU in the country; 
  • can establish a National Outreach Coordination Committee (NOC Committee);
  • can nominate Deputy/Deputies NOC or Assistant(s) NOCs when necessary; 
  • maintains a link to the national professional astronomers, communities of amateur astronomers and outreach professionals; 

The National Outreach Coordinator

  • is expected to receive at least monthly communications from the IAU OAO and respond;
  • shall demonstrate rich knowledge and experience in astronomy outreach activities (in particular coordinating national-scale activities); 
  • shall demonstrate a strong motivation to initiate astronomy activities in countries without significant astronomy activities;
  • shall have or establish a local/national network involving relevant stakeholders (e.g. professional astronomers, astronomy educators, planetariums (when applicable) and amateur astronomer communities.).

For the IAU member countries, the IAU OAO International Outreach Coordinator (IOC) will appoint the NOC based on the approval or nomination from the IAU National Committee for Astronomy (NCA).

  • If there is no NCA for the country, then the IOC will interact with the IAU National Member (NM) for the appointment of the NOC;
  • If there is no reply from the NCA (nor the NM) (after a non-responsive period of three weeks), the NOC is appointed by the IOC, and the decision is communicated to the GS.

For non-IAU member countries, interested candidates shall apply to the IAU OAO Director. The information provided will be reviewed by the IAU OAO, followed by a discussion with the candidates and/or relevant parties.

  • The term of the NOC will be for a maximum of three years (between two IAU General Assemblies); 
  • The term can be renewed, and the reappointment procedure will take place two months before the GA, following sections 2 and 3;
  • The IAU OAO can terminate the appointment (with notification to the GS and the NCA/NM) if the NOC does not fulfil the role (section 1) or is continuously unresponsive (more than a 4-week lag in replying to emails) to the IAU OAO communications.

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