Apply For The 2020 IAU Outreach Visitor Program


The 2020 International Astronomical Union (IAU) outreach visitor program is looking for individuals with astronomy or related sciences background for its 2020 Outreach visitor program at Tokyo, Japan for 2-3 months.

This opportunity is a chance to increase communication skills in digital media platforms, writing scientific content for specific audiences, project management for interested participants.

Funding Application

Accommodation, Flight & Daily Allowance.


  • Provide the IAU outreach programmes with input from people specialized in various fields;
  • Expose and engage visitors to the work of the IAU Office for Astronomy Outreach, based in Tokyo, Japan;
  • Provide a program for visitors from diverse academic backgrounds that can enhance their education and professional experience through practical assignments and experience;

Individuals who have a background in astronomy and communication are encouraged o apply by pitching an idea or how you will like to support IAU outreach, the  team and community.

Additionally, visitors will have to be able to work independently and possess good teamwork and interpersonal skills while working in multi-cultural teams. The applicants will need to be 20 years or over and be good English speakers.

How to Apply?

Send a short CV and a Motivation letter (max. 400 words) to Lina Canas (, with the Subject: IAU Outreach Visitor Program 2020 Application. The motivation letter should include the period that best suits you for your stay.

Application schedule

The submission of application is open and answers will be given to applicants within two weeks of their application.

Criteria for Acceptance of Applicants 

  • Motivation Letter & CV;
  • Online meeting with the OAO team to agree on the Visitor’s Planning and Deliverables for the programme;

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