Call for Proposals: Current Grants By the Science, Technology and Innovation Secretariat


Ugandan individuals and entities (industries, research institutions, Government MDAs etc.) are invited to submit proposals in R&D and innovations (process, products, technology, or business models) in the following thematic areas;

  1. Pathogen Economy
  • Natural therapeutics and related technologies.
  • Pathogen/Vector Control Technologies.
  • Artificial Intelligence Technologies for Healthcare.
  • Biomedical Technologies.
  1. Mobility
  • Localization of the Supply Chain for Automotive Parts, Systems and Components.
  • Research and Development in E-Mobility Solutions for motorcycles.
  1. Infrastructure Innovations
  • Local manufacturing.
  • Battery design, manufacturing, and recycling technologies.
  • Packaging technologies.
  • Water resources technologies.
  • Mineral resources and materials.
  1. Industry 4.0+
  • Local design and manufacture of electronics.
  • Innovation valorisation from Academia to Business.
  • Locally Developed Tools and Systems for E-Government.
  1. Aeronautics and Space
  • Development of satellite subsystems.
  • Development of geospatial tools utilising satellite data.
  1. Productivity Acceleration
  • Productivity acceleration/value addition technologies and tools for crops, animals and fish products.
  1. Export Promotion and Import Substitution
  • Value addition technologies and processes for import substitution and export-targeted commodities.
  1. STI Support Services
  • Innovative Processes for Public Uptake of STI.
  • R&D into Product Market Fit for Local Innovations.
About the Science, Technology and Innovation Secretariat

The Science, Technology, and Innovation at the Office of the President (STI-OP) Secretariat has a Goal of Growing the Contribution of Knowledge-Based Goods and Services to the National Economy by Increasing Domestic Productivity, Import Substitution and Export of Products Resulting from Science, Technology, and Innovation.

Important Information

Application Deadline: May 21 2023, 11.59 pm EAT

Feedback: May 27, 2023.

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