Digital Earth Africa Calls for Consultants to Develop Sustainable Funding Strategy


Digital Earth Africa requires the services of a consultant. The consultant will develop and discover essential information to provide Digital Earth Africa with additional international investment. Consequently, the consultant will work with the DE Africa establishment team, mainly where the work requires detailed knowledge of the program itself.

This Expression of Interest calls for consultants and firms to formally submit their interest to discover and develop critical information for the DE Africa funding strategy in the following areas:

1) Understanding of the broad funding landscape

a) Review the landscape to identify potential funders under various scenarios (e.g. programmatic funding, thematically oriented funding, etc.) and the level of potential funding from each organisation

b) Prioritize funding organisations

c) Furthermore, identify pros/cons and other requirements

2) Knowledge of the vision, mission and objectives of funders, as well as the selection process of recommended funders, enabling us to target them accurately.

3) A narrative that connects Digital Earth Africa work to outcomes/impacts that are important to the potential funder, articulating the value proposition of Digital Earth Africa in language that is attractive to different types of funders.

4) A point of introduction/means to open a discussion with the funder at a high level with the ability to take forward a proposal and more generally identify the next steps for developing relationships with potential funders.

5) Identifying clear packages of work with funding and the level of funding that may be matched to funders. These may be over-arching or very specific.

6)Additionally, work with the DE Africa Establishment Team, in particular, to guide the development of a package of materials that is reusable across funders, including a pitch deck and other promotional materials, the use and re-use of communications materials around case studies, user and organisational profiles, impact stories and so on. This would include the global context of sustainability and grand challenges and how DE Africa as a technology ready platform (TRL framework) with sound governance offers a pathway toward them.

7) Lastly, develop a concise strategic approach (including recommendations). This approach is to build a more robust and sustainable approach to funding Digital Earth Africa through more localised mechanisms. This should include procedures and associated timelines for developing more in-country funding and funding from institutions based in Africa. This is to ensure DE Africa independence from international aid funding sources. The approach should take advantage of the inclusive, distributed implementation model for Digital Earth Africa.

Expected Deliverables

  1. Report summarizing the findings and recommendations, addressing points 1 to 7 above.
  2. Contact details of potential funders/organisations

Proposed Timelines

Digital Earth Africa expects the task’s completion in 4 to 6 weeks, starting from mid-May 2021.


An individual consultant or firm with the following background can develop the Funding Strategy:

  • Have proven experience working with philanthropic, aid and international donor organisations.
  • Possess an extensive network of connections with relevant organisations at senior levels.
  • Have proven experience working on global development initiatives with relevant experience working in Africa.
  • Have a good understanding of the political, donor and business dynamic in Africa and strong relationships with the continental organisations. This includes the UN Economic Commission for Africa, African Union Commission and Africa Development Bank.
  • Possess a good understanding of the Regional Economic Communities and other models for developing an approach for country-level investment.
  • Have a good understanding of the data for development and the Earth observation ecosystem, including related donors.
  • Generally, be flexible and adaptive in your approach, given the current global pandemic and potential pivots in the program.

Consequently, interested persons should send an application to The deadline for applications is the 16th of May 2021.

For additional information, please visit this page.

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