EgSA is Hiring for the Head of the Central Administration for the Design and Development of Space Systems


The Egyptian Space Agency is currently seeking applicants for the position of Head of the Central Administration for the Design and Development of Space Systems.

Key Responsibilities
  • Monitors and monitors the performance of the works by its subsidiary departments and ensures that they are completed by the agreed operational goals;
  • The achievement of development in the field of science and space research continues at the Egyptian state level and globally;
  • Conducts and monitors the implementation of research on space training operations;
  • Monitor the industrial activities related to the assembly, integration and testing of satellite systems;
  • Determine the technical and software requirements for testing processes;
  • Ensuring the creation of communication networks between the different reception stations inside and outside Egypt and preparing timetables to operate the reception stations to receive photo data from Egyptian or foreign satellites;
  • Provide technical specifications, analysis and description of communications system tasks, auditing aerial accounts and their impact on space missions;
  • Develop and ensure the localisation of the remote sensing system of the space system built on spacecraft to achieve localisation of technology in this field;
  • Identify risks and critical areas, identify corrective measures, innovate resource provision solutions and implement necessary changes to specific requirements;
  • Support technical discussions/negotiations with the satellite launchers regarding the requirements of the launcher;
  • Ensure the proper readiness of equipment and devices;
  • Follow up on the implementation of maintenance plans for equipment, devices, and machines to verify their validity; and
  • The ability to fully cope with the various satellite systems as well as the ability to follow the design processes of test schemes by the technological readiness level required for each sub-system on satellites.
  • Master’s or Doctorate in Engineering (preferably in one of the relevant specialities).
Required Documents
  • An authorised employment status statement is embellished with the ring of the workplace and any other data the employee sees added for employees of the state administrative body; and
  • For non-state employees, a resume and experience certificates include the above-mentioned terms, certified and sealed and issued by entities with legal credentials.
  • Work with institutions and bodies of an international nature;
  • Experience in obtaining funding and managing funded projects in the same job areas;
  • Participate in the testing and assembly processes of satellite systems at the technological preparation level, launching and operating the TRL-9 satellite.
  • Experience in preparing special studies and proposals in the same job areas;
  • Project management is related to the field of testing and assembling processes of satellites at the level of technical preparation launch, and operation of the TRL-9 satellite;
  • Experience in setting the requirements of space payload systems for space mission projects; and
  • Experience designing and developing artificial intelligence systems to process data on satellites and developing artificial intelligence systems to process lunar images.
Additional Requirements
  • Spending an actual interim period of at least one year in a leadership position for the employees of the state’s administrative body;
  • Applicants from outside the administrative body of the country must spend at least twenty years of their college period in a job that agrees with the nature of the job advertised;
  • Ensure the operation of clean test rooms using standard systems;
  • Prepare and develop performance metrics that support strategic direction;
  • Assist in shaping the agency’s future direction and supporting tactical initiatives;
  • Efficient communication in English;
  • Ability to work under pressure; and
  • Ability to form teams and manage time.
How to Apply

To apply for any of the available positions, interested individuals should submit their information and CV through the agency’s website at Applicants must meet the job requirements and submit their applications within fifteen days from the date of publication on the agency’s site.

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