Egyptian Space Agency Summer Training For University Students

Egypt Summer Training

The Egyptian Space Agency announces the start of the annual summer training program for Egyptian university and institute students, which takes place within the activities of the educational satellite program as a pathway to joining the Egyptian Universities Moon Project team for the year 2020-2021.

The program is delivered within the framework of the support provided by the Egyptian Space Agency to serve the scientific, research and academic community, and its human cadres, including scientists, experts and researchers. The goal is to harness the agency’s technological and laboratory capabilities in order to disseminate modern technological science among Egyptian university students in a manner that links their academic studies with practical and scientific reality.

Students of the final and semi-final years of the 2020-2021 academic year in the following colleges: –
1- Engineering colleges (all departments except for the civil and architecture departments)
2- Faculties of Science (Astronomy – Physics – Mathematics)
3- Colleges of Computer Science (Computer and Information)
4- Higher and accredited higher institutes of the aforementioned colleges

Due to the current Covid19 conditions and to ensure the safety of students, the training will take place via an e-learning system

The summer training is divided into:
1- Theoretical part
It consists of 20 interactive lectures covering all aspects related to satellite technology, systems and components, space environment components and other matters related to operation and control of satellites.

2- Practical part (for final year students only)
Through practical and various applied projects, training is completed over 30 days with final years students

Students will be organized in working groups. Each group will have students from one college (where the work of the group as a whole is assessed) and all students are granted certificates accredited by the Egyptian Space Agency if they pass the training (provided they are regular and complete the tasks assigned to them).

Passing the practical part is the qualification for joining the Universities Moon Project 2020-2021 where the agency allows students joining the project to participate in building a “CubeSat” type satellite and implement all of its electronic units from the board and various programs and output the work in the form of projects graduating their final years.
All students participating in the project shall enjoy the agency’s material and technical support for the implementation of the satellite.

For more information about the University Moon Project visit the project webpage
Those who wish to benefit from the training program must register their information on the agency’s website through the registration link

Take into account that a letter of accreditation is submitted by the college stating the validity of the data of students applying for it.
Also for final year students, they are presented in the form of homogeneous working groups in terms of scientific specialization.

Registration deadline is July 25, 2020

For more information on training

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