Graduate Student Projects at the University of Cape Town


The following is a list of graduate student projects offered by the Astronomy faculty at the University of Cape Town in 2022.

  • Fast Transients in the Local Universe
  • Transients and Variables in Star Clusters
  • Multi-Wavelength Studies of Strong Gravitational Lensing
  • Extended radio sources in the SMC
  • Tracing the evolution of Luminous Compact Blue Galaxies

For more offered projects, please visit here.

Application process

Persons interested in any of the projects listed above should please do the following:

  • contact the academic staff member of the project you are interested in and send them a copy of your CV;
  • discuss the research with them to determine if you have the required qualifications, skills and abilities to undertake the project. You may contact as many potential supervisors as you like;
  • if the academic staff member agrees to supervise you, discuss details about registration and funding.

Postgraduate funding

The National Research Foundation (NRF) funds most of the postgraduate research projects by scholarships.
Note that the internal deadline for applications through the University of Cape Town for NRF 2022 MSc and PhD scholarships is 02 July 2021. For details, see this notice. Additionally, completing the NRF application will take time and requires various documents and letters. Therefore, you must complete your discussions with your potential supervisor(s) well before the deadline.

If you require NRF funding, you must ensure that you qualify for NRF support as this is the primary mechanism we have to provide you with a bursary. Once you have applied for NRF funding, send your application number to your prospective academic supervisor.

The lists of projects offered for 2022 also include several SARAO-approved projects eligible for SARAO scholarships (deadline: June 25, 2021). Applications also go through the NRF application portal. The internal UCT deadline is also 02 July 2021.

Postgraduate registration

Interested persons can find details of the registration process at UCT on the Faculty of Science web page.

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