Rwanda Space Week Conference 2023


As part of the celebration of World Space Week from 4th to 10th October 2023, the Rwanda Space Agency (RSA) has organised its inaugural Rwanda Space Week Conference from 9th -10th October 2023 at the Kigali Convention Centre to close its 2-week nationwide campaign to educate and raise awareness about its vision, mission, services, products, and aspirations.

This commemoration honours significant milestones in space history and applauds innovations within the space sector. The event aims to gather government officials and policymakers, industry leaders, young innovators, students, space technology practitioners, and potential partners to celebrate the progress of space technologies for social and economic advancement. The World Space Week theme, “Space and Entrepreneurship,” guides the RSA’s campaign and national conference. The agency will also promote networking and foster entrepreneurial opportunities in Rwanda. 

Through engaging keynotes and interactive sessions, the Rwanda Space Week Conference aims to meet the following objectives: 

  • Ignite curiosity among students, young professionals, and other stakeholders, nurturing an interest in space science and technology,
  • Enhance awareness about space-related topics, accomplishments, and challenges, cultivating a deeper understanding of space exploration’s significance, especially for developing countries like Rwanda, 
  • Facilitate the exchange of knowledge among diverse stakeholders, offering a dynamic platform for students, researchers, scientists, engineers, and industry experts to share their latest discoveries, research endeavours, and innovative advancements in space science and technology, 
  • Encourage collaboration and networking among professionals from various organisations, industries, and countries, and 
  • Catalyse the formation of new partnerships, collaborative research initiatives, and fruitful idea exchanges to further advance space-related pursuits.

The conversations at the conference will delve into the latest trends and prospects, providing valuable insights and inspiration. Interactive panel discussions led by experts will foster in-depth conversations on pivotal themes and shared experiences. The conference will also include exhibition opportunities spotlighting various space-related technologies, products, and services from local and international space actors and create opportunities for participants to form meaningful business connections.

The conference is anticipated to yield several outcomes: 

  • Inspiration for Students: Through keynote speakers and interactive sessions, the conference will inspire students, young professionals, and diverse stakeholders to understand and take a keen interest in space science and technology.
  • Enhanced Public Awareness and Engagement: The media coverage generated will boost awareness of space-related matters, accomplishments, and challenges, fostering broader public comprehension of the importance of space exploration. 
  • Knowledge Sharing with Experts: The conference will provide a platform for students, researchers, scientists, engineers, and industry experts to share their latest findings and innovations in space science, technology, and exploration. 
  • Collaboration and Networking: The event will allow professionals from diverse organisations, industries, and countries to connect and collaborate, leading to new partnerships, joint research projects, and exchanging ideas and expertise.

For more information, contact Henriette Cyuzuzo

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