AfAS-2025 Conference: Call for Host


The African Astronomical Society (AfAS) is seeking a host for the 2025 Annual Conference and General Assembly. This event presents a unique opportunity for institutions to make substantial contributions to astronomy in Africa and contribute to providing an inclusive platform for researchers, educators, students, policymakers, and other stakeholders.

Interested institutions are invited to submit a Letter of Intent by 31 January 2024. The letter should comprehensively address the key responsibilities expected of the Host Institution. Furthermore, the Letter of Intent should demonstrate the institution’s capacity to meet the outlined requirements and articulate a clear vision for delivering an exceptional conference experience. In addition, the Letter of Intent must include a clear proposed budget, funding capabilities, sponsorship strategies, and logistical planning frameworks. 

Potential host institutions are encouraged to articulate their vision for advancing astronomical science and outline their strategies for promoting international and intercontinental collaborations. Also, It is essential for potential hosts to provide details about travel and accommodation options for attendees and include considerations for accessibility, risk management, and emergency response protocols.

Important Dates
  • Submission Deadline for Letters of Intent: 31  January 2024;
  • Notification of Successful Host: 31 March 2024; and
  • Announcement of Successful Host: Business Meeting at the AfAS-2024 Annual Conference in Marrakech, Morocco.

For more information, contact: 

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