Angola’s Space Agency Launches Space Education Courses in Partnership With ITEL


The Management Office of the National Space Program (GGPEN), in partnership with the Telecommunications Institute (ITEL), is launching a series of technical and professional initiation courses in Space, at the Training Center for Technological Development (CFITEL), starting this December.

The purpose of the partnership is to encourage space education among young people. The program will help them to pursue a technical and professional career in the fields of science, technology and space, taking into account the economic diversification and creation of local human resources ongoing in Angola, to respond to the challenges of the new global dynamics.

The first phase of the courses will cover Small Satellites, Satellite Communication, Space Applications and Services, and Launch Vehicles, to promote the transfer of knowledge in the scope of space science and technology, towards advancing in the field.

These courses also aim to maximise the GGPEN initiatives in the dissemination of space education in Angola, taking into account the potentialities of ITEL. Successful candidates will earn a CFITEL certification, thus opening a window of opportunity not only for the dissemination of science, technology and space industry but also for the promotion of entrepreneurship in this sector, as it can enhance the creation of startups and other job opportunities.

Some of the best student students have the opportunity to do an internship at GGPEN.

Given the limitations imposed by the covid-19 pandemic, places for courses are minimal. Interested candidates should apply here.

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