Apply for the Planetarium Education Research Fellowship


The International Planetarium Society (IPS) Education Committee invites interested individuals, including independent researchers and planetarians, to apply for its IPS Planetarium Education Research Fellowship.

  • Applicants must be affiliated with either a planetarium, an academic institution, or a planetarium professional organisation.

The selected candidates will receive an award of USD 5,000, which will be granted directly to the Principal Investigator (PI). The funds are intended to support research-related needs, which may encompass expenses such as covering the applicant’s time acquiring services, supplies, software, and/or equipment as reasonably required.


Proposals that explore the following are encouraged:

  • Factors unique to the planetarium that are important for supporting diversity, equity, and inclusion;
  • Aspects of planetarium programmes that help audiences connect emotionally and identify with astronomy;
  • Conflict and synergy between factors affecting desirable emotional outcomes and knowledge-centered learning;
  • The educational value of full-dome films versus alternative formats across affective and conceptual learning areas; and
  • Novel and subject-transferable uses of the planetarium applicable to non-astronomy topics.
Additional Notes

Applicants not affiliated with any planetarium are expected to name a partner planetarium where they will conduct their research. In addition, applicants without a background in research may need to name a partner in an appropriate academic field with a background in the type of research they wish to conduct.

However, for applicants who possess an idea but require assistance locating partners, the IPS Education Committee can facilitate connections.

  • Round 0ne applications: 15 March 2024;
  • Round 0ne notification of advancement: 30 March 2024;
  • Round two applications: 26 April 2024;
  • Round two notification of award: 10 May 2024;
How to Apply

Interested applicants must complete the form here.

For more information, click here.

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