Attend ESA and African Astronomical Society Virtual Event on Planetary Defense


The European Space Agency (ESA) and the African Astronomical Society (AfAS) invite interested participants to attend its virtual event on 1 July at 5 PM CAT (UTC+2). The event will explore how asteroids in our solar system are not confined to the Asteroid Belt, and comets can come very close to Earth’s orbit. These near-Earth objects (NEOs) have been the focus of dedicated observations and assessments to understand their potential threats to our societies and life on Earth. 

This event will feature insights from leading experts, including Marco Micheli, an Italian astronomer specialising in near-Earth asteroids; Laura Faggioli, an Italian mathematician focused on orbit determination and impact monitoring; and Juan Luis Cano, a Spanish aerospace engineer with 25 years of experience in planetary defence.

How to Attend

To attend, click here to join the Zoom meeting.

  • Meeting ID: 967 9645 9533
  • Passcode: 1tUnED

Join experts and gain valuable insights into the field of Planetary Defense and the critical efforts being made to protect our planet from potential co

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