Call for Nominations: Apply for the 2023 GEO SDG Awards

Source: EO4SDG

The 2023 Group on Earth Observations Sustainable Development Goals (GEO SDG) Awards is open to organisations utilising Earth observation (EO) or geospatial data to aid sustainable development practices, analysis, or reporting for socio-economic development. 

About the 2023 GEO SDG Award

The GEO SDG Awards recognise the productivity, innovation, novelty, and exemplary efforts in using EO to support sustainable development. Launched in 2019, this annual award is presented to those making an impact on the 17 global goals put forth by the United Nations, as indicated by the progress toward achieving an SDG target and/or reporting on an SDG indicator.


  • Interested individuals or organisations may nominate their team/organisation or nominate a different organisation and their teams;
  • Nominees are not required to be affiliated with GEO; and
  • Interested organisations or teams across the civil society, commercial sector, academia, SDG custodian agencies, not-for-profit organisations, and inter-governmental organisations are encouraged to apply.

The GEO SDG Awards programme offers two types of awards. The Sectoral Category Awards recognise different types of organisations, while the Special Category Awards recognise specific fundamental tenets related to integrating EO and sustainable development. 

Selection Process

In consultation with the GEO Secretariat, the Earth Observations for the Sustainable Development Goals (EO4SDG) initiative team will identify a diverse set of representatives to serve on the evaluation panel. The panel will include subject matter experts, SDG specialists, and EO and geospatial experts. In addition, the evaluation panel will review the nominations and select finalists for each of the sectoral and special category awards. 

Finally, the evaluation panel will select at most two winners for each of the sectoral category awards and at most three for each special category award. 

Key Dates
  • Nominations Open: 16 May 2023;
  • Nominations Close: 2 July 2023
  • Notifications Sent to Nominees: September 2023; and
  • Award Ceremony: 6 – 10 November 2023 (during GEO Week 2023 in Cape Town, South Africa).

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