GEO and Google Earth Engine Calls For Projects to Monitor The Pulse Of Our Planet


In partnership with Google, GEO will choose 25 project proposals to receive licenses for Google Earth Engine, to be used to tackle significant societal challenges and improve understanding of our planet.

To broaden the use of Earth observation data, these licenses are valued at US$3 million. In keeping the goal of sharing data, we require that the chosen projects offer the results of their work to the open science community, including code, algorithms, datasets, and results.

GEO is committed to ensuring that open Earth observations support sustainable development policies that are grounded in objective data and methods. It coordinates a work program of over 50 activities advancing the use of Earth observations to support better approaches and policies for managing our planet’s resources. The new Earth Engine license program will benefit our 130+ partners in over 100 countries so they can more effectively analyze large datasets.

Open data is instrumental in providing the necessary insights for assessing the constant changes on our planet. With these insights, decision-makers can take the critical actions possible to address urgent environmental challenges — a goal at the core of GEO’s mission to enable better policies through open Earth observation data and knowledge. GEO believes that cloud services such as Earth Engine are the best method for GEO members and participating organizations to effectively mine insights from this data.

Earth observations from satellite imagery and in situ data offer a wealth of information about the world’s oceans, forests and key biodiversity indicators — key vital signs about the health of our planet.

Big data from openly available Earth observations offer a wealth of opportunities for the open science community to produce new research and applications, since these dataset supply critical, objective information about the world’s oceans, forests, and key biodiversity indicators. All of these represent vital signs regarding the health of our Earth’s ecosystems and will help measure the pulse of the planet.

How to Apply

If you’re interested in proposing your project for a free Earth Engine license, please submit your proposal via this Application Form to by March 15, 2020.

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