Attend DUNIA Training Session on Utilising Data Search API


In November 2023, the European Space Agency (ESA) launched the DUNIA cloud computing platform. It aims to enhance data accessibility and exploitation, promoting application development across Africa by providing Copernicus Sentinels data in formats suitable for low bandwidth and rapid data utilisation.

DUNIA, designed to harness Copernicus EO data, is freely accessible to African users. Its infrastructure enables various tools and processing capabilities, facilitating easy sharing of scripts, products, and outputs through a dedicated marketplace. Additionally, users can work directly on mobile devices.

Following their initial introductory training on the platform and its features for the African community, the DUNIA team is organising a training programme on February 28, 2024, at 10:00 am (UTC+1). The programme aims to extensively explore the capabilities of the DUNIA platform, focusing primarily on “Utilising the DUNIA Data Search Application Programming Interface (API)” to increase operational efficiency. During the training session, beginners and experts alike will benefit from the technical expertise ESA and GEOVILLE provide, with privileged access and increased processing quotas granted.

To review the first training session, please refer to this link to rewatch the class.

The training will cover various topics, including 

API Overview 

  • Introduction to the API’s functionalities and endpoints.

Searching for Products

  • Constructing effective search queries for Sentinel products.
  • Utilising filters and parameters for precise search results.

Authentication for Downloading Products

  • Process of generating an access token for downloading.
  • Best practices for managing sessions.

Downloading Products

  • Detailed process for downloading products via API.
  • Strategies for batch downloads and handling large datasets efficiently.

Practical Scripting Demonstrations

  • Demonstrating real-life scripts for:
  • Automated product search and filtration.
  • Efficient product downloading with authentication management.
  • Insight into optimising script performance for API interactions.

Tips and Best Practices for API Data Retrieval

  • Recommendations for efficient and effective API usage.

Q&A Session

  • Open forum for questions. Feel free to submit questions in advance or during the session.

The training items are strategically designed to equip attendees to acquire new skills, engage interactively, and become proficient in utilising these powerful tools.

Important information 

  • Date: 28 February 2024 
  • Time: 10:00 am (UTC+1)

NOTE: It is necessary to register in advance to reserve your spot in the training sessions. Registration opens one month before each session. Due to limited availability, registrations are processed on a first-come, first-served basis. To register, please submit a ticket through DUNIA’s support portal. Registration closes on February 26 2024.

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